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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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shannon butler got her hands on this information. >> the chief was clearly not happy that they went over his head, instead of to him first. he says he sent this letter reminding them that it was a violation of policy. some saw the letter as a threat. he told channel 9 it was not. but he did remind them again that there was a violation in the way they handled it. >> this letter sent to the police association calls for the union to investigate the extra duty system in ocoee. a police officers said the supervisors are playing favorites on who gets to work for extra money and who doesn't. the letter was also sent to ocoee city hall but not to the police chief himself. >> a result of the ongoing frustration on what officers call, a culture of sweeping stuff under the rug inside the ocoee police department. the chief is now aware of the
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saying that he looked at three years worth of extra duty sign- ups and found nothing wrong. in that, the chief gave a stern warning about going outside the department. and the policy is to handle issues with in the department. saying that it "could be considered critical of supervisors with the intent to of the city. and calls it not indicative of agency ". >> officers tell us they are at a loss. they feel like they cannot go to the chief to investigate. now they feel they cannot go to anyone else. >> the complaints -- one of the people involved was actually a deputy chief. the officers said they did not feel comfortable going to the chief about one of his right- hand men. the chief said, if they could find proof and would bring that to him, he promised that he would investigate. live in ocoee, channel 9, eyewitness news.
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made changes to the systems over the years. they used to use a paper sign up. now it is a computer system for extra duty work to make sure the system is fair. the officers still claim it isn't. continuing to monitor breaking news right now in osceola county where a two car crash has ended up in a home. we flew over the scene. troopers say a car hit an suv and pushed it into the house. we know that one person was taken to the hospital. now we're asking troopers what caused the crash to happen. a sex offender is back behind bars tonight accused of exposing himself in broad daylight at a local apartment complex. we told you how a woman called deputies when she found the guy naked at the kensington cottages apartment complex near silver star road in orlando. we're live there tonight. and you found out he has been charged with similar crimes in the past? >>reporter: in 2012, deputies
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does a half-mile away from here naked from the waist down. yesterday, they say he was completely naked right here in this area. you can see this is right by several apartments. he is a sex offender. but not on probation there we found out today that authorities have been watching him. >> he stood there looking this way. >> with this woman saw monday made her so scared that she will not show her face. she hopes her first encounter with julius cooper is also her last. >> he was naked from head to toe. >> deputies put clothing on him. today he told the judge it was a misunderstanding. >> deputies say they saw him performing lewd acts at this apartment complex. it is similar to a report they filed four years ago when authorities found him wearing no pants and carrying white lotion. documents show he was listed as a high risk sex offender. in that case, a jury acquitted him on those exposure charges finding him guilty of resisting an officer. he also did time for failing to
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that stemmed from a 1998 lewd molestation of a child under 16 charge. cooper is homeless. this business owner allowed him to stay at his car wash and watch things that night. he says cooper needed an address to register. and authorities did do spot checks. >> he comes one time a month. >> they make sure he is here. >> now he is staying at the orange county jail charged with a misdemeanor. this woman is hoping that when he is out, he will stay away from her complex. >> i could not believe somebody would walk around in broad daylight and do that. >> the judge did order him to stay away from this apartment complex. today the business owner -- just a half-mile away, told us he will not be allowed to stay at his place either. we're live in orlando tonight, channel 9, eyewitness news. covering orange county, seaworld says that "tilikum", the killer whale, is suffering
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over the past few weeks, veterinarians said despite treatment, "tilikum" has been battling a bacterial infection in his lungs. "tilikum", as you may know, was also the orca at the center of the "blackfish" documentary and the orca connected to three deaths including in orlando trainer killed back in 2010. seaworld did not answer questions about "tilikum" today but instead released a video with one of its veterinarians talking about the care that the orca is receiving. "tilikum" is about 35 years old. that matches the life expectancy of the orca in the wild. people we spoke spoke to said they still say changes need to be made for the well-being of the animals at seaworld. >> i think it is a great concept. it allows kids to see the parks and see the animals. that is great. i would like to see the larger tanks that were proposed a few years ago. >> seaworld says "tilikum" has become very lethargic. and unfortunately, the disease is progressive and will only get worse. he is the largest orca in captivity.
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a former health department manager could fight back after resigning following violations for abuse of power. a report obtained by eyewitness news shows that macintosh had an employee picker child up from high school in a state vehicle. our own investigation revealed that the vehicle was at the school 15 times last year. macintosh denied the allegations. but signed an agreement to resign from the health department in january. she says she is still seeking legal advice. sentencing for former boys and girls club volunteer from brevard county has been delayed while the man undergoes a mental evaluation. we told you donald lawson pleaded guilty to child pornography charges after fbi agents found thousands of images on his computer when he was fired from nasa in may. the attorney general's office has 30 days to has -- to have a psychologist evaluate lawson. he is facing 20 years in prison. the rosen hotel company is warning guess that they might be identity theft victims dating back almost two years. the company says it just
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someone had been snooping on its data network and stealing customer's names, credit card numbers and more. the company says it was potentially happening every time a card was swiped before check-in. the company operates more than 6000 hotel rooms here in central florida. if you have stayed there since september of 2014, you should get your credit card replaced and start monitoring your credit report. we found out today, the mother accused of abandoning her newborn baby will face charges. the state attorney's office filed their intent to pursue, neglect and desertion charges against susan richardson yesterday. police have not been able to find the three-week old infant. officers found a a late-term placenta in the willow bend apartment complex february 15. richardson admitted to giving birth to a baby girl that morning. but she will not tell authorities where she left the infant. she is still in the orange county jail. nearly a dozen people are recovering after a virus
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it was reported last week in clermont near state road 50. nearly one dozen residents affected. two had to be rushed to the er for dehydration. health officials say benson house alerted them to the outbreak right away, cleaned the facility and separated the healthy from the sick. >> i just hope it does not come back again. we just had to get out and take a walk. it is like being in jail. >> this virus is not more dangerous than other stomach viruses but it can last a few days longer. health officials urge everyone to wash their hands because unlike other intestinal viruses, this one cannot be stopped by a flu shot. florida senator marco rubio is pushing to win over local boaters one week ahead of the florida primary. the presidential hopeful may get another campaign stop in central florida this morning. this time in kissimmee. the visit comes amid reports that he is considering dropping out of the race. but he told us that is not true.
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from there, he goes to st. johns county for a 9:00 rally tonight. donald trump is also spending a lot of time here in florida. he is holding a rally at his golf club in jupiter tonight. donald trump has a big lead in the delegate count. and is expected to add more tonight, with primaries in four states. we will have coverage of that tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. daytona beach police need your help tonight finding a man who they say is wanted for a series of violent crimes. investigators put out a -- be on the lookout -- for green. they say he is wanted for battery, grand theft and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. green is considered armed and dangerous. denver police will host a free gun safety class tomorrow in response to two children being accidentally shot. the police chief expressing frustration over all the gun violence. a babysitter was accused of leaving a gun under a catch. a 6-year-old little girl found it and accidentally killed herself. last month, another child was shot. the classes at the police
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-- do not bring a gun to the class. the class starts at 4:00 p.m. in less than 15 minutes, residents of a small town a small-town your winter garden will meet with orange county commissioners and duke energy to fix a problem with streetlights that were installed by mistake. we told you yesterday, duke energy install the lights at holdenville, before a funding source was determined, due to an order miss up. duke energy says it won't charge customers. and the county is not being charged until commissioners can determine where the money will come from. one of the world's biggest sporting event is coming back to orlando for a second time. local leaders and wwe superstars announcing today that wrestlemania is coming back to the citrus bowl. and orlando will be the first city to host the event. more than one time. win wrestlemania 24 with your back in 2008, it broke every record possible with attendance, food and drink sales. >> this will be bigger and better.
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>> the 2017 wrestlemania is april 2. tickets are expected to go on sale later on this summer. childhood memories right there. wrestlemania. state lawmakers want to give parents the option to choose their child's school and -- the teacher. >> why local school leaders say the district cannot afford those changes. plus ucf is playing a unique role in the role on terrorism. next, how the university researchers are using fire to fight chemical weapon threats. if you love it hot, george -- i know you do -- i have an early present for you.
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a proposal in tallahassee would give parents more choices in their child's education. >> this would allow parents to choose the child's school and the teacher. but orange county school
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they could afford to. we spoke with a school -- a school board chair. and michael, the changes could go right down to individual classrooms. >> another part of this bill would allow parents to ask for a new teacher if they don't like the child's current teacher. what orange county is most concerned about is the idea of accepting more students. >> orange county has a higher sales tax to pay for new schools. but the school board chairman says he doesn't know if voters will approve the increase if they knew the angry -- the buildings would house students from neighboring counties. >> we are proud of the state- of-the-art facilities. they are clean. they are new. that is thanks to orange county taxpayers. >> lawmakers are considering several measures -- including one that would allow parents to take any school across the state as long as it is not overcrowded. local taxpayers. >> our taxpayers in orange county have stepped up to the facility needs. >> supporters of the measure say it gives more children access to better education. idea of choice.
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children and their education for the future. what does that matter? if i pay taxes in one city and not the other, we are all paying our taxes. >> the bill also includes a measure that would allow parents to ask schools to transfer the students to a different teacher but not a specific one. kathleen is with fund education now. >> we have seen a pretty nasty attack on school board authority. >> orange county worries that it won't have room for some of these changes or be able to pay for them. >> lawmakers are running out of time to approve any changes as well. the legislative session ends friday. channel 9, eyewitness news. more than a half dozen drug dealers off the streets tonight. authorities say they caught them operating your local schools. federal, state and local agents seized pot, prescription pills, cash and guns from five homes from these schools. it is part of a four month
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we're live tonight. agents went after low-level and mid-level drug dealers here. >> reporter: yes. drug dealers who officials they were operating near the school. the operations were going just a few blocks away from here. but police say today the ravens put the dealers out of business. take a look at this. marijuana, pills, a gun and cash. it is what officers seized during a huge drug operation. >> the police department has been working with the dea over the past four month on operation called, crackdown. >> around 5:45 a.m. this morning, investigators say low to mid-level drug dealers a will to officers busting through their doors. >> about 100 officers including swat team -- lake county sheriff's office and the dea executed five search warrants. >> right now officials do not have amounts for the drugs or cash, but they say this was a significant bust. they arrested eight people. they say they stopped these drug operations that are going on just a few blocks away from
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school and high school. code enforcement also condemned two of two of the home was raided this morning. and the others all have open cases. we found evidence that several of the homes were drug dealers were allegedly selling drugs that kids could live there. however police say they did not find any kids during the drug sweep. >> officials tell us that this operation is still an active investigation. and there could be even more arrests. live, channel 9, eyewitness news. a ucf researcher is studying how to neutralize chemical weapons. he and his team are using simulated chemical agents and placing them into a giant metal tube. they then -- they've been set up an explosion in the tuba to see how much of the chemical agent is left behind after the fire. the goal is to find out what would be needed to contain a chemical agent if it is released. >> right now, you can expect them to be -- maybe in the
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even if you destroy them -- are destroyed. >> again, there are no chemical weapons. these are only similar compounds. the department of defense grant five years. of ucf. >> good stuff coming out of do you like one? it is going to be warm. seventys. put away the scarves. >> 73 downtown. and in daytona. i know your little ones like the pool. >> they could not convince me to get in. >> we will warm things up for you. seventy-two and titusville. the same for melbourne. a little warmer tomorrow. daytona beach, fantastic. a high risk for rip currents up and down the coast. new smyrna tonight -- if you are out there taking an evening stroll, tortures are pleasant.
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temperatures are pleasant. normally, more dry. far. backyard. keeping all of the jetstream energy to the west. tornado watches in abundance. it will be a stormy zone. we will eventually get closer to some of this rain. but not until the weekend. here is the forecast model. you can see tomorrow afternoon, high-pressure blocking the weather. days with partly cloudy skies through thursday. you can see by friday morning, the rain holding back. across the central gulf. breaking a little loose with no rain friday. by saturday, a slight chance for a shower. maybe 20% or 30%. especially later in the day. sunday, the highest chance for rain -- still right now -- depending which model you look at, it is scattered. about a 30% or 40% chance. not expecting a washout weekend.
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80 degrees at noon. eighty-three by 2:00. on our way up to 84 tomorrow. 85 degrees in clermont. we took a look at the records. today's record was 90. ninety-six, the record tomorrow. it has gotten hot in march. about 86 degrees thursday and friday. well short of our record. it will be about 10 degrees above average. warmer than normal. great weather on friday. orlando city, back in action at the citrus bowl. 81 degrees at kickoff. 9:00, 75 degrees. you cannot beat that. here is the 5-day forecast for the weekend in view. starting with daylight savings time. clocks will go forward. you lose one hour of sleep. we will see a couple of showers around. all in all, a nice and warm outlook. for weeks, we have been telling about homeowners with
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they say they have properly -- beams and mold. >> and the build a responsible for the homes. that is tonight on eyewitness news at 10:00 on tv 27 and
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sports now. the orlando magic played well. but still lost to the golden state. very early this morning. we continue the four game west coast swing in los angeles tonight facing kobe bryant for the last time. the lakers and and the magic tip off at 10:30. in college ball, florida state off to a nice start in the acc tournament. lean bacon knocked down a couple. the seminoles had nine of those triples as a team. and leading fsu. florida state led by double digits for most of the game. winning 88-56. and now they will pay -- play virginia tech tomorrow at 9:00 p.m.
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expected to make his debut on friday. the head coach said the italian midfielder is playing well in practice. he also said he will not play friday. still recovering from a restaurant -- a strained by. they are hopeful he will be ready for the first road games next against us. remember, orlando city insider debuts on saturday. 10:35 p.m. on tv 27. we will repack -- recap the incredible opener on sunday. and get to know the club from an insider perspective. >> college football, florida gators quarterback paris harris and callaway, suspended indefinitely -- will not participate in spring practice according to the head coach. the coach would not say why they were suspended. he said there is no timetable for the return. one other notes. wrestlemania coming back to the citrus well in april of 2017. first time in central florida since they will that back -- since they sold out back in 2008.
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channel 9 eyewitness news your choice at 6:00. >> for updates and is in the newscast, just check out >> be back later on tonight.
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breaking news tonight. the first word from voters coming in right now. is the national race tightening for trump? at this moment, donald trump's pledge being compared to a nazi salute. also, we ask, is the math possible for bernie sanders, if hillary clinton wins tonight? and what sanders told us about helping clinton. also tonight, we're on the scene right now. the commuter train off the tracks. the rescue effort. more than 200 passengers. one car plunging into the water. we're tracking the deadly storms tonight. tornadoes hitting. neighborhoods destroyed.


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